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Dr Julian Kenyon MD MB ChB is Medical Director, The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, London and Winchester. The Dove Clinic's main clinical interest is cancer in all its stages; they especially see patients with recurrent cancers. They use a wide range of treatments; their favoured approach is Sono and Photodynamic Therapy and a sophisticated form of immunotherapy, particularly Dendritic Cell Vaccinations.

They also work in late-stage cardiovascular disease and are pioneering the use of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (see www.eecp.co.uk), in treatment of late-stage cardiovascular disease, especially intractable angina. They have increasing numbers of patients with risk factors for cardiovascular disease, family history, obesity, smoking etc who are now using EECP as a prophylactic. This is indeed sensible as EECP is a non-invasive treatment, which is oddly enough used to treat cases who haven't responded to invasive approaches within cardiovascular medicine, such as stenting.

The Dove Clinic also work extensively with a range of complex illnesses, most particularly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a range of similar conditions. That also involves looking at the area of food and chemical sensitivities; they extensively use low-dose immunotherapy. Dr Kenyon may be contacted via www.doveclinic.com   www.eecp.co.uk

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