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A Simple Guide To Voyaging The Energetic Universe

by Mike Webster

listed in energy medicine

[Image: A Simple Guide To Voyaging The Energetic Universe]


A practical guide to understanding the energy dynamics that pass between spiritual and physical matter. Easy to understand and simple steps to guide you through exercises that gain you the revelations of understanding energy matters.  This book brings together the encoding principles of energy and matter and Teaches us to let go of preconceptions learned through early childhood experiences that no longer serve our spiritual life path. You will Learn how to access and use the tools of energetic recognition for change in a way that's useful and rewarding. The author Underlines the importance of recognizing emotional resonance and how it relates to the universal frequencies the pervade all of life. Uses modern psychological techniques to develop mindfulness skills and an ability to focus more clearly on being present and aware in the moment. Finally, we are reminded that what we think, we become and that self-awareness is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others.

The author begins by stating that 95% of matter has yet to be confidently discovered and identified and is indeed enterable through expanding our awareness  through letting go of outdated programming designed to help us 'survive'. Chapter three addresses this subject directly by allowing us to understand the nature of the Energetic Matrix and how we can make changes to our perceptions via the many filters we have adopted that keep us limited to a narrow focus. He touches on the importance of the human energy field and how it can be accessed through touch, sight and vibrational frequency resonances. In chapter four the author describes the tools used in generating access to these emotional resonances and begins to outline the ways in which we can develop the skills to manifest the process of energetic recognition and change.

In chapter five, we progress to develop the skills of detecting emotional resonances in our clients by using questions to elicit information about their state of mind, beliefs and ability to know their own energy matrix. Chapters six, seven and eight give us ways to focus on specific aspects of learning to use the tools more consistently and usefully in penetrating the truth of energy dynamical changes and how we can use them to help others and ourselves to change for the better.

Chapter 9 consolidates these ideas by taking us on a journey of frequencies and the human energy field. In other words, we learn about the origins of the idea of sending out good vibes. Chapter 10 recapitulates our ability to work using energy fields in the process of changing the frequency of our own life path in the form of aligning our emotional resonance with our highest joy. Chapter 11 redefines the nature of energy and spirit as something available to all sentient beings that understand the principles and can future life progress their desires and dreams to what they choose. Chapter 12 ensures that we no longer forfeit our life in the form of being stuck in the past by showing us that energy is changeable and malleable to the circumstances that we attract as energetic beings. This means we have the power to reconstruct our destiny at any moment because it's all happening now.

Finally the author encourages us to live life with humour and a sense of light-heartedness in order to fully live in the energetic flow of who you truly are. By breaking down barriers to stress related events, people and situations we can become more resilient and open to more of life's opportunities. In short, you are the creator, the on board captain and driver of the energy ship we call life.

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