Research: WOZNIAK and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 95


WOZNIAK and colleagues, Specjalistycznej Przychodni ICZMP w Lodzi, have assessed the effectiveness of acupuncture to reduce weight in conjunction with a low-calorie diet in women.


The aim of the study was to compare low-calorie diet combined with acupuncture with low-calorie diet alone in the treatment of obese peri-and postmenopausal women.


33 women were put on a low-calorie diet (1200-1500 kcal per day) for 6 months. 36 women were put on the same diet but additionally treated with acupuncture twice weekly for 6 weeks. The same acupoints were treated in all women.


Women in the acupuncture group lost an average of 12.8 kg of weight, and their body mass index reduced by 5.0 kg/m2 . This compares favourably to the women on diet alone who lost in average 8.4 kg or weight and reduced their body mass index by 3.3 kg/m2 (p = 0.01).


Acupuncture is a useful adjunct to low-calorie diet for the treatment of obesity.


Wozniak P, Oszukowski P, Stachowiak G, Szyllo K. The effectiveness of low-calorie diet or diet with acupuncture treatment in obese peri-and postmenopausal women. Ginekologia Polska 74 (20): 102-107, Feb 2003.

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