Research: WEZE and others,

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WEZE and others, Faculty of Health and Social Care, School of Health, Medical Sciences and Social Work, St Martin's College-Lancaster, Lancaster LA1 3JD, UK, have audited healing by gentle touch.


The aim of the study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of healing by gentle touch in clients attending the Centre for Complementary Care in Eskdale, Cumbria.


300 clients attending the Centre received 4 treatment sessions over 6 weeks each. They filled in questionnaires with visual analogue scales on physical (pain, disability, immobility, sleep disturbances, reliance upon medication, daily activities) and psychological (stress, panic, fear, anger, relaxation, coping, depression/anxiety) functioning, as well as the EuroQol questionnaire before and after treatment. The data were analyzed using Wilcoxon Signed Rank tests.


Statistically significant improvements in both physical and psychological functioning were found, especially stress reduction, pain relief, improved ability to cope, and increased general health ratings between baseline and end of treatment (p < 0.0004). No adverse effects of the treatment were recorded.


This audit of treatment outcomes provides evidence that healing by gentle touch, as practised by the Centre for Complementary Care, is associated with significant benefits for the majority of clients and is worthy of further study.


Weze C, Leathard HL. Grange J, Tiplady P, Stevens G. Evaluation of healing by gentle touch. Public Health 119 (1): 3-10, Jan 2005.

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