Research: WEZE and colleagues,

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WEZE and colleagues, Faculty of Health and Social Care, School of Health, Medical Sciences and Social Work, St Martin's College-Lancaster, Lancaster LA1 3JD, UK, have evaluated healing by gentle touch.


The aim of the study was to audit the outcomes of healing by gentle touch in an outpatient clinic.


All patients attending the Centre for Complementary Care in Eskdale, Cumbria, over a period of 6 years were given questionnaires to fill in. Data were collected from 300 clients who received 4 treatments of healing by gentle touch within 6 weeks. Outcome measures were comparison of pre- and post-treatment scores of a range of physical and psychological parameters.


Statistically significant improvements were found in stress levels, pain, ability to cope, and general health ratings. The most substantial improvements were seen in those with the most severe symptoms at baseline. No adverse events were recorded.


This audit of treatment outcomes provides evidence in support of the hypothesis that healing was associated with improved psychological and physical functioning in the majority of subjects.


Weze C, Leathard HL, Grange J, Tiplady P, Stevens G. Evaluation of healing by gentle touch. Public Health 119 (1): 3-10, Jan 2005.

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