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MOON and colleagues, Department of Biomathematics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston 77030 USA write that 2 chemoprevention randomised clinical trials commenced in 1984 for the evaluation of retinoids in the prevention of skin cancer.



Enrolled into the SKICAP-AK trial were moderate risk people with a history of at least 10 actinic keratoses and at most two prior skin cancers, who were randomised to either 25,000 IU retinol or placebo daily for 5 years. High risk people with a history of at least 4 prior skin cancers were enrolled into the SKICAP-S/B trial and randomised to receive 25,000 IU retinol, 5-10 mg isotretinoin or placebo daily for 3 years.


Research data from the SKICAP-AK trial indicated that retinol reduced the incidence of first new squamous cell skin cancers, but had no effect upon incidence of first new basal cell skin cancer. In the SKICAP-S/B trial, retinoids had no significant benefit upon squamous or basal cell skin cancer for the high risk people, despite the shorter than planned intervention period.


: Daily intake of retinol was effective in the prevention of squamous cell cancers in people at moderate risk of skin cancer.


Moon TE et al. Retinoids in prevention of skin cancer. Cancer Lett 114(1-2): 203-5. Mar 19 1997.

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