Issue 24 January 1998


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  1. Prevention of Back Pain

    Richard Ablett

  2. Root Canal - Roots of Disease!

    Dr John Roberts

  3. Water Fluoridation - Therapy or Fallacy?

    Sheila L.M. Gibson

  4. Million Dollar Health Secrets - Standing Meditation

    Allan Rudolf

  5. The Weight of Evidence

    Lisa Saffron

  6. The Psychology of Art (I)

    Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

  7. If at first you don't succeed...a case of hypertension and headache

    Dr Angela Jones

  8. The Practicalities of the Gerson Therapy

    June Butlin

  9. Voice - the forgotten fitness factor

    Angela Caine

  10. Editorial Issue 24

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  11. Creating a Sacred Space

    Roselle Angwin

  12. Special Feature - Nursing

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  13. Keeping the Balance - Whim and Wisdom

    Denise Rankin-Box

  14. Touch, Massage & Nursing

    Angela Avis,

  15. Midwifery Practice and Complementary Therapy - A policy point of view

    Sylvia Baddeley

  16. The Finest of Arts

    Hermione Elliott

  17. Water - of Vital Importance

    Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

  18. Hypnosis in Musculoskeletal Medicine

    Dr Peter Skew

  19. Shiatsu

    Chris Jarmey

  20. Shiatsu, Yoga and Breath

    Rosamunde Jordan

  21. What do Shiatsu Practitioners Treat?

    Nicola Pooley

  22. Mindfulness Meditation for Stress

    Jon Kabat-Zinn

  23. Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

    Ivan Tyrrell

  24. Aromatherapy

    Dr Vivian Lunny

  25. Homoeopathy - a practical alternative

    Beth MacEoin

  26. Herbs - at the Forefront of Modern Medicine

    Anne McIntyre

  27. Reflexology for a stress-free Christmas

    Hazel Goodwin

  28. Food and Nutrition for Optimum Health

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  29. A Guide to Supplementation within Health and Complementary Medicine

    Dr DF Smallbone

  30. Holistic Massage

    Sara Thomas & Lucy Lidell

  31. Yoga: Oneness of body and mind

    Howard Kent

  32. Body Massage Treatment - A Holiday Treat

    Jolanta Basnyet

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  1. anxiety

  2. arthritis

  1. asthma

  2. cancer

  1. hypnosis

  2. nursing

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