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HORTON-DEUTSCH and co-workers, Indiana University School of Nursing, 1111 Middle Drive, 403L Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA,, have used a mindfulness-based intervention for bone marrow transplant patients.


The importance of treating psychological and emotional problems associated with bone marrow transplant has been substantiated by research evidence. The aim of this feasibility study was to test a mindfulness-based therapeutic intervention to treat psychological problems in bone marrow recipients.


Pre-tests and post-tests were administered to 24 patients undergoing bone marrow transplant.


The results indicate that the mindfulness-based therapeutic intervention has the potential to be an effective therapy for bone marrow transplant recipients.



Horton-Deutsch S et al. Enhancing mental health services to bone marrow transplant recipients through a mindfulness-based therapeutic intervention. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 13 (2): 110-115, 2007 May.

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