Research: HARALDSSON and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 119


HARALDSSON and colleagues, Primary Health Care Research and Development Unit, Halland County Council, Falkenberg, Sweden,, have carried out a pilot study on the health of women after a stress management programme.


From a public health perspective, it is important to develop effective stress management measures that are based on the individual's participation. The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate the self-reported health condition of women in terms of their general symptoms, stress and sense of coherence after participation in a stress management programme.


in a modified crossover design, 40 women were randomized to 2 groups. In the intervention phase, the groups met 8 times. The stress management programme consisted of information, stress management, massage and mental training. A questionnaire about health, symptoms of stress, and sense of coherence was filled in at baseline, between phases, and at the end of the study.


Both groups experienced a significant reduction in stress symptoms as well as a greater sense of coherence after the intervention phase (p = 0.003).


These findings indicate that the combination of mental training and massage in this stress management programme had a positive influence on women's health. The findings warrant a full-scale study.


Haraldsson K, Fridlund B, Baigi A, Marklund B. The self-reported health condition of women after their participation in a stress management programme: a pilot study. Health & Social Care in the Community 13 (3): 224-230, May 2005.

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