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GERBER and colleagues, Groupe dEpidemiologie Metabolique, INSERM-CRLC, Montpellier, France had previously reported a paradoxical oxidant-antioxidant status in breast cancer patients, affecting pre-menopausal more than menopausal women.



and RESULTS: In their previous study, the authors took clinical measurements in 146 patients with various types of cancers. The ratio of Vitamin E / total cholesterol increased and plasma malondialdehyde decreased with tumour size and progression. In order to study differences between young pre-menopausal and menopausal breast cancer patients, the same measurements were performed in 365 breast cancer patients according to pathology, tumour size and oestrogen receptors. In this study, the oxidant-antioxidant status varied with these prognosis factors in the same pattern, being more pronounced in young rather than older women.




Gerber M et al. Tumour progression and oxidant-antioxidant status. Cancer Lett 114(1-2): 211-4 Mar 19 1997.

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