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FORTES and colleagues, Epidemiologic Unit, Lazio Region, Rome Italy investigated the effect of vitamin A, zinc or both upon plasma lipid peroxides in a healthy elderly population.



178 residents in a Public home for elderly people were evaluated regarding health and nutritional status. 136 individuals participated in a double-blind randomised controlled trial supplementation of vitamin A and zinc and were randomised into 4 treatment groups: 1) vitamin A (800 mcg retinol palmitate); 2) zinc (25 mg zinc sulphate); 3) vitamin A and zinc (800 mcg retinol palmitate and 25 mg zinc sulphate; 4) placebo (starch containing capsules). 118 people completed the trial which lasted for 3 months.


Zinc supplementation was associated with a decrease in plasma lipid peroxides after adjustments for sex, smoking habits, baseline plasma lipid peroxides and vitamin A plasma levels.


Zinc supplementation decreased lipid peroxides while vitamin A had no effect in this elderly population. Adequate zinc intake or supplementation may play an important role in the prevention and/or modulation of diseases in elderly people.


Fortes C et al. Zinc supplementation and plasma lipid peroxides in an elderly population. Eur J Clin Nutr 51(2): 97-101. Feb 1997.

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