Research: FONNEBO and BAUM,

Listed in Issue 151


FONNEBO and BAUM, NAFKAM, University of Tromso, Norway,, report that a letter to the NHS has stimulated an international dialogue on CAM research.

Prompted by the open letter by 13 prominent British scientists to National Health Service (NHS) trusts questioning the use of homeopathy, Vinjar Fonnebo MD PhD and Michael Baum MB ChM FRCS MD(Hon) entered into an e-mail exchange about the issues of research and documentation of practices in ‘complementary’, ‘alternative’, and ‘integrated’ medicine. The paper presents the whole exchange unedited. Researchers who are well-acquainted with the field benefit from discussing and challenging, and will achieve a clearer understanding of both the opinions of the others as well as their own positions.






Fonnebo V, Baum M. NHS letter stimulates international dialogue on interpretation and possible implications of CAM research. Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine 13 (3): 311-315, Apr 2007.

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