Research: EVSTIGNEEVA and colleague

Listed in Issue 42


EVSTIGNEEVA and colleagues, Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, reviews the known literature (150 references) regarding the mechanisms of molecular action of vitamin E in biological membrane systems .




Vitamin E possesses a broad range of biological activities. It acts as a universal stabiliser of biological membranes in normal oxygen metabolism and peroxidation and in disorders of normal metabolism resulting in pathological alterations. The author considers how Vitamin E participates in redox reactions in liquid media, its interaction with singlet oxygen, free fatty acids and enzyme systems. Also covered are the physiological effects of vitamin E and its ability to prevent numerous pathologies.


Vitamin E is a universal participant of antioxidant defence reactions in biological membranes; it acts at all stages of membrane oxidative damage.


Evstignneeva RP et al. Vitamin E as a universal antioxidant and stabilizer of biological membranes. Membr Cell Biol 12(2): 151-72. 1998.

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