Research: ELLER, Rutgers, State

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ELLER, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, Newark 07102-1897 USA. explores the effects of cognitive-behavioural interventions upon the quality of life in people with HIV.



The author conducted a randomised, 3 x 3 block design study, in which 69 participants were randomly assigned to either a guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation or a control group. Following a brief instruction, the subjects practised their respective intervention over a period of 6 weeks.


Following the 6 week intervention period, the subjects perceived health status, but not quality of life, was significantly different across the treatment groups. The results suggested differential effects for guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation, with larger effects observed for those at mid-stage disease and for low frequency users of guided imagery.



Eller LS. Effects of cognitive-behavioral interventions on quality of life in persons with HIV. International Journal of Nursing Studies 36(3): 223-33. Jun 1999.

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