Research: CRAIG, Andrews University

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CRAIG, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan USA writes that consuming a diet rich in plant foods containing phytochemicals and nonnutritive plant substances will confer health-protective benefits. Phenolic compounds, terpenoids, pigments and natural antioxidants, associated with protection from and/or treatment of chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and hypertension are found in nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Foods and herbs with the highest anticancer activity are garlic, soybeans, cabbage, ginger, licorice and umbelliferous vegetables . Citrus fruits contain a variety of active phytochemicals, in addition to providing a good supply of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and pectin.. Phytochemicals found in grains reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.






Craig WJ. Phytochemicals: guardians of our health. J Am Diet Assoc. 97 (10 Suppl 2): S199-204. Oct 1997.


For a detailed and elucidating account of phytochemicals, please refer to the page 5 of Positive Health, where we publish an extract from Maryon Stewarts new book The Phyto Factor, Vermillion Press 1998.

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