Research: CIANFRIGLIA and colleague

Listed in Issue 42


CIANFRIGLIA and colleagues, Regina Elena Institute for Cancer Research, Dept ORL, Head and Neck Surgery, Rome, Italy investigated the potential relationship between dietary factors and the development of oral leukoplakia (an oral precancerosis).



The authors conducted a case-control study within a cohort of 53 patients treated in October-November 1997. Subjects and suitable controls were interviewed regarding their alimentary habits, with a particular interest in vitamin A and carotenoids major sources. They undertook an individual qualitative and quantitative assessment of retinol-equivalents dietary intake, which allowed the authors to compare the cohorts and to relate data also to use of tobacco and to the severity of histopathological findings.


Case levels were always significantly lower than controls, disregarding smoking. There were no differences between smokers and non smokers within the same groups. No statistical influence seemed to link alimentary vitamin A to the development of oral dysplasia; however this work strengthens the epidemiological opinion that specific dietary factors are of great importance in oral oncology.



Cianfriglia F et al. Retinol dietary intake and oral leukoplakia development. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 17(3): 331-6. Sep 1998.

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