Research: ASHRAF and BAWEJA,

Listed in Issue 215


ASHRAF and BAWEJA,  Department of Medicine, Cardiology Division at the Truman Medical Center and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, USA.  explore the adverse effects of obesity.


Obesity is an epidemic in the United States.


It is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and associated with reduced life expectancy.


The adverse effects are related to direct impact of obesity on cardiovascular system and indirectly through its influence on risk factors. Excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in the myocardium leads to structural and functional alteration. In addition, numerous hormones secreted by adipose tissue create pro-inflammatory and prothrombotic state. This predisposes to coronary heart disease, heart failure, and sudden death. Even those with normal weight but excessive body fat are at risk.


Weight reduction and exercise are the main therapeutic options.


Ashraf MJ and Baweja P. Obesity: the 'huge' problem in cardiovascular diseases.  Missouri Medicine.  110(6):499-504. Nov-Dec 2013.

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