Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q How do I place a PY Advert?

    Please go to the Post Advert. It is important that you read these FAQs through so that you see all of the options this section presents.

    When you open any of the tabs in this section, you will see Notes in the right-hand column. They offer further advice on getting the best for your advert.

  2. Q Where will my advert appear?

    Although your advert will appear within the selected category on the Home page of this section, it will also appear within many of the articles on the main site, on the right-hand column of the article. We have approximately 3,000 articles and your advert will be shown according to the Tags you select. More on this below.

  3. Q How do I choose the right category in which to advertise?

    We have five categories and it might be that you could be in several different categories; this gives you the chance to reach a wider range of people. For example: A massage therapist could be in Therapists/massage; if they run a course they could also be in Courses/massage; if they have a book to sell then Products/books; if they specialize in back problems then Conditions/backache and finally if they are attending an exhibition they might want to promote themselves as Events/workshop. There are lots of options to choose from and you can always go into the ad and makes changes to your advert as needed.

  4. Q Writing my advert

    There are certain space limitations for your advert: the title cannot be more than 22 characters (including word spaces) and the advert itself is limited to 100 characters. However, this is more than enough to get your message through to the readers

    Good adverts get plenty of replies. Please don't use the word Free unless you really have something that is free; it turns readers off and they give us a blast for publishing misleading advertising.

    If you have a long word at the end of a line of type, say, comprehensive, you might want to enter it as comprehen- sive, or com- prehensive, (leaving a space after the hyphen) depending on the fit. The system does not automatically hyphenate words; it leaves it to the user to decide. Use the PREVIEW button to see how it reads and determine the fit.

  5. Q What is the cost of placing a PY advert?

    We use a fixed price for PY Ads rather than Pay Per Click; the inital cost is more but it makes it much easier for you, the user. The prices are as follows:

    Sterling: 26 weeks £130; 52 weeks £195

    Euro: 26 weeks €148; 52 weeks €223

    USA has 2 prices - All States; this is the deault page.

    All States: 26 weeks $234; 52 weeks $350

    Single State: 26 weeks $195; 52 weeks $292

  6. Q You mention Tags, what are tags and how do I use them?

    This is most important. Tags are keywords, you use 3 tags for your advert (entered by you); articles (entered by us) also use a series of keywords. When an article is called up it looks for corresponding tags in adverts, when it finds a matching tag it brings that advert up into the right-hand column of the article. It is a case of matching article keywords to your advert keywords.

    You can select three tags, use what is most appropriate to your advert. We at PostivehealthOnline review all keywords when adverts are placed and if we see a word used that we know is going to be ineffective we will make a change. There is a link when you place your advert that brings up an Excel list of all the tags in use within the articles.

    We also have Search Tags on the Home page of the web site. There is a drop-down-menu that shows you an alphabetical list of all tags, and a search of any tag will bring up the list of articles that contain that tag. If it seems appropriate to your PY Ad then use that tag as one of your own.

  7. Q Do I need PayPal in order to pay for an advert?

    No, if you have a PayPal account then it's simple, just log-in and pay. If not you can create a PayPal account or pay by credit card - visa, MC, etc.

  8. Q Explain how I read my advert stats

    When you log in and go to My PY Adverts ir brings up a page and you can see the views that your advert has had. This includes links through to your website from the article pages and people who have looked at your advert in the PY Ads section.

  9. Q Can I cancel my advert?

    You can cancel your advert at any time, however, we do not refund any PY Advert payments. Our purpose is to put your product and/or service in front of as many people as we can. We will do this and constantly monitor your ad views to see that people are seeing your PY advert.

  10. Q What if I need help?

    Contact us at admin in the contact page.

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