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Wrio Russell started his training in Massage Therapy in 1987 after following a career as an academic teacher (MA H.Dip.Ed) in both Italy and the UK and also training national class gymnasts. In 1989, he became a founder director of the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) as well as running a small treatment practice, which included both dancers and athletes. However, his real interest has always been in the holistic Oriental approach to health and well-being and, having worked with Qigong and meditation, in 1995 he was guided to the Usui Reiki system of natural healing. In 1998, he became a Reiki master teacher and is now teaching the Reiki system in Eastbourne as well as overseeing the LSSM graduate programme. In the future, he plans to do an increasing amount of work overseas and to write on matters of health and healing. Wrio can be contacted on tel: 01323-729963 and his website is: www.orientaltherapy.co.uk

Articles by Wrio Russell

  1. Qi Gong - Tui Na

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    Rosey Grandage is an experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine who specialises in Qi Gong and Tui Na. Wrio Russell asks her to demystify this element of Chinese medicine and to e...

  2. Sports Massage - A Therapy for All

    Listed in massage

    Although the name sports massage therapy suggests that it is only suitable for athletes and dancers, Wrio Russell, a qualified massage therapist and founder director of the London S...

  3. The Healing Art of Qi Gong

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    There are no points for guessing that the healing art of Qi Gong originated in China and, like so many things Chinese, it is now becoming increasingly popular in the West. This is d...

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