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Will Wilson practises CranioSacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy in Exeter, Devon Tel: 01392 427370 yigwill@aol.com

Articles by Will Wilson

  1. Polarity Therapy: Linking Ancient Knowledge and Modern Physics

    Listed in polarity therapy

    What is Polarity Therapy? Polarity therapy is a system of holistic healthcare based on an understanding of the flow of life energy. Life energy must flow correctly to maintain optim...

  2. Craniosacral Therapy

    Listed in craniosacral therapy

    The term Craniosacral Therapy was originally coined in the 1970s by American Osteopathic physician Dr John Upledger.

  3. A New Vision for Psychoneuroimmunology?

    Listed in immune function

    Conventional Medicine is, in consciousness terms, barely out of the 19th Century. Which brings me to the subject of Psychoneuroimmunology.

  4. Shock and Trauma

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    Effects of shock are often missed by doctors and therapists. Such things as surgery, falls, car accidents and physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and less obvious events such as fe...

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