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Will is a freelance writer and blogger If you are interested in more information on the benefits of dog ownership including health tips, buyer’s guides and gear reviews, then check out his guides over at Dogowner.co.uk   If you are interested in more information on music therapy, audio guides and gear reviews , be sure to check out Will’s articles at Myaudiosound.co.uk  Follow on Facebook or Twitter

Articles by Will Tottle

  1. Dogs, Mental Health, and the Ways They Can Help Our Minds

    Listed in animals

    Mental health can be a struggle, and one that is often difficult to overcome alone. While having a strong support network is an excellent advantage to have, there is another part of...

  2. Music and Mental Health: Impact on the Elderly

    Listed in sound and music

    Just like us, the elderly can suffer from mental health problems, but we often forget about them because they are older, and we don’t usually see them as people who suffer from thin...

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