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Wendy Emberson is a chartered physiotherapist who has been working in her private practice for 20 years specialising in orthopaedic medical and musculo-skeletal conditions. She can be reached at her clinic on Tel: 01279 654020.

Articles by Wendy Emberson

  1. Asthma Interferential Therapy and Chartered Physiotherapy

    Listed in asthma

    A five-year-old boy developed asthma at six months old after being prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection. After a short course of Interferential Therapy [IFT] and chest physio...

  2. Physiotherapy Case Studies

    Listed in physiotherapy

    This article features a number of cases where treatment by Chartered Physiotherapists who work in private practice has proved effective.

  3. Achieving an Integrated Approach for Treating Musculoskeletal Conditions

    Listed in bodywork

    There is a growing body of research evidence that is beginning to change our attitudes to treatment away from being a pure medical condition model.

  4. Bed and Mattress Advice

    Listed in sleep and insomnia

    Wendy Emberson gives absolutely essential advice regarding how to choose the right sleeping components for you and your family. This includes tips regarding how to determine if you ...

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