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Wendy Boast is a trained Laser Therapist (UKITL), a  Reiki Master, Life Coach and a teacher of Holographic Breathing Therapy. She undertook a two year training course in Cold Laser Therapy with Professor Gordon Farmer and continues to train as this is a rapidly developing field.  Wendy uses a range of lasers, including the Omega Laser equipment, she attends training workshops and researches the many emerging techniques of laser application. Wendy owns and runs the Sunu Centre at Oxted in Surrey, is a director of UKITL, and works in partnership with Future-Health at Daventry, , and Caredale Light Therapy Centre in North Yorkshire. She does not promote or sell laser equipment. Wendy Boast runs her cold laser clinic, The Sunu Centre, at Oxted in Surrey. She may be contacted on Tel: 0208 144 4513;   info@sunu.co.uk  www.sunu.co.uk

Articles by Wendy Boast

  1. A 21st Century Healing Technology - Laser Therapy

    Listed in light and colour

    This article offers a detailed and technical explanation for the effectiveness of cold, or lower-level laser treatment for a wide range of health challenges. It is based on the info...

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