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Vimla Lalvani was born in Hawaii in 1948, to the first Indian family to become American citizens. Her great love for the outdoors led her to train in modern dance before travelling to India to study Classical Indian Dance. It was in India that she stumbled over Yoga. Determined to find the best master, she met with BKS Iyengar and became his personal student. His rigorous and dynamic style of Hatha Yoga challenged her and changed the course of her life. He put her on her path and she has dedicated her life to teaching Yoga She is known to be a pioneer introducing Yoga to the world and making it popular to the masses by making it accessible for all ages, male and female.
Through her books, DVD's, television appearances around the globe, her passion has never waned. Her career spans over 40 years and she believes that everyone, no matter their age, should practice Yoga to reap the benefits. Not only does Yoga restore balance and harmony to one's life, it brings a strength of mind and clarity to tackle life's challenges to bring tranquillity and inner peace. Her many books, audiobooks and DVDs are widely available from good bookshops and from Amazon.

Articles by Vimla Lalvani

  1. Warm Up: Extract from Real Yoga; A Pure and Simple Journey

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    I was very privileged to meet as a child the greatest masters of wisdom. As my family was and still is the honorary consulates of India in Hawaii, I was introduced to Swami Mukhtana...

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