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Ursula James is a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford University Medical School and with her company, Thames Medical Lectures, she lectures at eleven UK medical schools including Oxford and Cambridge. She is currently carrying out PhD research into the effect of altered states on cognition and the bio-medical markers of stress.

She is a Patron of Anxiety UK and the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV). She is also Chair of the Medical School Hypnosis Association (MSHA) which is the only association in the UK to actively promote research into clinical hypnosis. She is also a Foundation Member of the Academy of Medical Educators and we are pleased to announce that she is the new Alpro Soya Wellbeing Expert.

Ursula is a highly qualified and experienced clinical and medical hypnotherapist. She uses her skills to help patients stop smoking, lose weight and tackle phobias and obsessive compulsive disorders and to work through relationship issues. She has a special interest in working with self-harm. Her approach is highly motivational, and her clients include some familiar names, particularly in the sporting arena.

She can be contacted by Phone 0845 054 2460 enquiries@ursulajames.com www.ursulajames.com

Articles by Ursula James

  1. The Mirror of Our Emotions: An overview of the treatment with hypnosis of non-viral/bacterial dermatological conditions

    Listed in skincare

    Hypnosis is effective for the treatment of dermatological conditions in three specific ways. Firstly, treatment of the root cause; secondly, remission of the symptom, and finally th...

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