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Trevor Mayes is proprietor of Colour Counselling Therapy Healing and works online at www.colour-counselling-therapy-healing.com. Born in 1951, he has been an outdoor pursuit's instructor, senior social worker, children's home manager, and market gardener. He is now a practising colour therapist with five years experience, and regulated by his membership of the International Wheel of Colour.

He has a Diploma in Colour Therapy from the Iris International School of Colour Therapy, a Certificate in Community & Youth Work from The University of London Goldsmiths College 1974-1976 and a Diploma in Community Education from De Montfort University 1980-1982.

His interests include the psychological, scientific, medical, and therapeutic use of colour, anything to do with spirituality and the metaphysical, including shamanism and the runes. He is an audiophile who appreciates the quality reproduction of music as a means of healing. He lives in west Wales, which gives him access to the mountains and coastal footpaths; canoe surfing is a passion that keeps body and soul together. Trevor may be contacted via  www.colour-counselling-therapy-healing.com

Articles by Trevor Mayes

  1. The Prescribed Walk in the Park

    Listed in colour therapy

    This article focuses on the healing nature of the outdoors and the power of sound and colour/light therapy. According to the author, doctors are now starting to prescribe a walk in ...

  2. The Prescribed Walk in the Park Part II

    Listed in colour therapy

    In this second of the two-part article on the benefits of colour therapy and healing nature of the outdoors, the author explains ecotherapy and ecology, and our relationship with n...

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