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  1. Case Studies kindly sent in by Theo Gimbel of the Hygeia Studios

    by Theo Gimbel

    Two case studies: The Migraine Case and The Colostomy Case, both treated and cured using colour therapy.

  2. Colour Rays in Healing

    by David Furlong

    To the casual observer it may seem as though the process of giving ‘spiritual’ or ‘psi’ healing to another is simply the transmission of a specific type of yet unknown energy which...

  3. The Healing Power of Colour

    by Ann Lloyd

    Man could not but have been aware of colour from his very outset. It was around him everywhere. Everything in nature was coloured. These colours were not random: they repeated them...

  4. The Prescribed Walk in the Park

    by Trevor Mayes

    This article focuses on the healing nature of the outdoors and the power of sound and colour/light therapy. According to the author, doctors are now starting to prescribe ‘a walk...

  5. The Prescribed Walk in the Park Part II

    by Trevor Mayes

    In this second of the two-part article on the benefits of colour therapy and  healing nature of the outdoors,  the author explains ecotherapy and ecology, and our relationship with...

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