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Colour Rays in Healing

by David Furlong(more info)

listed in colour therapy, originally published in issue 12 - May 1996

To the casual observer it may seem as though the process of giving ‘spiritual’ or ‘psi’ healing to another is simply the transmission of a specific type of yet unknown energy which speeds up the innate repair mechanisms of the body. In this way healing energy might be considered analogous to electricity which can be used for a multitude of purposes but is in itself simply a neutral source of power. My experience, in over twenty-seven years as a healer, suggests that this is a somewhat limited view; that healing energy embraces a vast spectrum of distinct patterns that can be focused through the healer’s mind. In this sense it is much more akin to music, the sounds and combinations of which, produce different moods and flavours that can be consciously used to create different effects. For example a very agitated hyperactive client might need a calming power, perhaps exemplified by the inner peace of the Buddha; whilst someone who felt drained and exhausted, would require a much more dynamic stimulating energy.

These energy patterns can be expressed in terms of light or colour. In other words a healer could visualise and project a specific colour to achieve these effects.

The Colour Rays

A number of basic colour rays are given here which have been tried and tested in my own healing and training classes. It is not an exclusive list and different schools may suggest alternative correlations. It should be appreciated that the mind acts rather like a computer. If we programme it with certain ideas it will act accordingly. Using colour rays can help the healer become more conscious and interactive in the healing process.

. . . is a protective and re-charging ray. Although white contains all colours it has a distinctive flavour of its own and can be used in all cases where a person feels very tired or depleted of energy. Energy depletions of this type will be focused either in the body if the client is physically tired or in the mind if they are mentally run down. In the former case the white ray should be directed to the area of the solar plexus and in the latter to the crown of the head. It can also be used in those situations where an individual feels battered by disturbed energies around them. Sealing them in a white auric bubble of light will greatly help.

BLUE RAY . . . both harmonises and cleanses. In this sense it can be used when there is a need to draw off impurities from the body such as may be found in infectious wounds. It can also be used for washing through and harmonising the auric energy fields and is particularly good at helping combat viral and bacteriological infections such as colds or flu. It is good practice to cleanse the client’s aura with the blue ray before finally dis-connecting at the end of a healing treatment.

CORAL OR PINK RAY . . . has a warming soothing quality which can be be used for the relief of pain, headaches and in the treatment of such complaints as arthritis. It is also an excellent ray to use when a person is in a very agitated or distraught state emotionally or mentally. In these cases the ray can be concentrated in those areas that reflect the particular condition. With mental agitation this should be to the region of the head and with the emotions the region of the heart or solar plexus. It is a ray that reflects the wonderful peace and calm that is seen in the statues of the Buddha.

RED RAY . . . has a powerful burning energy which can be used in all cases that require drying out from an excess of fluids. Internally it can be directed to seal gastric ulcers and externally it can be used on badly poisoned or ulcerated wounds. It is best suited to physical complaints and is not generally helpful for emotional or mental conditions.

INDIGO OR DARK BLUE RAY . . . is predominantly the ray of the anaesthetist. It helps dull pain by causing a slight separation between the energy layers of the body. It can also be called upon in cases where an individual is close to death where it will assist and ease the “passing on” process.

LILAC or VIOLET RAY . . . is a building ray stimulating new growth at a physical level. It is ideal for cases where fibres or tissues have been damaged or destroyed, such as with severe burning or cancer. The ‘lilac’ ray accelerates the regeneration of new tissue and is therefore very effective in healing wounds of all types. This makes it very useful in assisting recovery from operations. It also carries a flavour of general balance and can be used to align the spirit within the body. Drawing on this ray will help if you feel that the mind of the patient is at odds with impulses coming from the Soul or Spiritual-Self.

GREEN RAY . . . has a neutralising effect and can be very useful with individuals who feel at odds with the world. In this sense it has a blending quality that soothes the barbs that some individuals carry. It is the predominant colour of nature and carries a similar harmonising quality. However, it is an energy that needs to be used judiciously for it can also turn a person in on themselves encouraging introspection. This may be helpful in some cases but if there are depressive tendencies it may exaggerate this quality.

YELLOW RAY . . . is the ray of the mind and intellect. Its vibrant quality can stimulate mental alertness and is also very helpful in cases of despondency or gloom helping lift depression.

MAGENTA RAY . . . is the ray of the Spiritual-Self and helps in all areas of transformation. It can be very helpful in all cases of past-life healing.

SILVER RAY . . . is used in healing brain or nerve damage in that it will help new connections to be made. It needs to be used sparingly rather like a thin laser beam of light.

GOLD RAY . . . is a very powerful ray that reflects the energy of the Sun in its positive or Yang aspect. Physical back problems are generally a reflection of energetic imbalances that run along the spine. The gold ray can be used to repair or balance these energies and therefore makes a very good adjunct for anyone who requires help from an Osteopath or Chiropractor. It can also help with eye conditions. It has a very protective quality that is excellent at counteracting negative or chaotic energies. It needs to be used sensitively as some individuals can find it overwhelming.

These primary colour rays can provide a basis for working on many types of conditions. Experiment with them to see if it helps with your healing. The colours can be used singly or in combination and in any treatment you may need to work using different colours in turn. If you feel drawn to using colours other than those given try and assess the quality that lies behind them.

Colour Rays in Healing

To use the colour rays, visualise the particular colour channelling through your hands directing it to the area of imbalance. If you have difficulty visualising a colour holding the thought in your mind “I am using a white, blue or whatever ray “ will suffice. Alternatively you can imagine the colour over the top of your head and feel that you are drawing the energy through you to the patient.

The following exercise using selected colours can be used generally, whether you are a healer or not, to strengthen your aura and enhance its protective qualities.

Protection Exercise

Three colours have traditionally been used for protection – white, blue and gold. They each carry slightly different flavours and it is of value to practice using each of them. Which one you finally settle for will be dependent upon the situation and what makes you feel most comfortable. White reflects back light and has a mirroring effect on what is projected at it. As a blending of all colours it contains both yang and yin energy. Blue, as in the cloak of the Madonna, is associated with the feminine and the quality of spiritual love. It reflects the yin principle on a spiritual level. Gold is connected to the Sun and is a very positive and forceful energy that is good when dealing with very chaotic or disruptive forces. This colour is associated with the yang principle on a spiritual level.

The following exercise can be used to increase the strength of your natural auric protection.

Protection Exercise (Approximate time 10 minutes.)

Aim: To strengthen your natural auric protection
• Find a place where you can sit undisturbed
• Select a colour, either white, blue or gold.
• Sit in a straight backed chair or in the ‘lotus posture’ if you prefer and close your eyes. Take a few slightly deeper breaths and relax your mind and body.
• Imagine that there is a tiny flame of light in the centre of your heart that represents your spiritual self. Imagine this light growing brighter until you are surrounded in a halo of its luminosity which extends out from your body for about two feet. Make sure that this light is evenly balanced to your front and back is both over your head as well as under your feet.
• Now imagine that you are infusing this light with your chosen colour (white, blue or gold), and sense what happens. Does it feel comfortable? Do you feel balanced and protected?
• Open your eyes and sense this protection is still around you.
• Having used one colour, repeat the exercise using one of the other three colours and compare your results.
• When you have completed all three, assess your results to determine which colour suits you best. Ideally this protection exercise should be carried out before any healing work is undertaken. It can also become a very useful addition before and after meditation exercises. I will always spend a few moments each day in the morning when I get up and just before going to bed in balancing and protecting my aura.
With practice, and by reducing the time spent relaxing, it can become an almost instantaneous response that can be called upon in any emergency situations. Practice is important. You can soon learn to carry out this exercise with your eyes open. Try doing it when you have any few moments to yourself, such as travelling on the train to work, or during a coffee break. The more that you do this the stronger the aura becomes, for each attempt has an accumulative effect.

This form of protection will not stop you being aware or cut you off from life’s experiences, no more than you can easily avoid experiencing different outdoor weather conditions. It will, however, help you maintain your inner equilibrium if confronted by disturbed psychic energy; similar in a metaphorical way to putting on the right clothes to suit the ambient climate.


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