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Toby Geneen is co-founder and co-head chef of Kindling Restaurant in Brighton. Kindling is about more than just the delicious food, it is a community of people: staff, customers and suppliers all sharing and celebrating local produce. Nature writes the menu as the seasons inspire the dishes. Kindling is featured in the Michelin Guide and is a member of the Sustainable Restaurants Association. PhotoCredit: JoHunt Restaurants,Brighton.  He may be contacted via https://www.kindlingrestaurant.com/


Articles by Toby Geneen

  1. Seasonal Ingredients are Better for You, Your Tastebuds, Wallet, and Environment

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    Older readers may remember the days when you could only buy strawberries in the summer and when they ran out you were onto raspberries. Younger readers may not be aware that the re...

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