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Tim Willcocks has been referred to as ‘The Bowen Man’ for the past ten years – from his working and appearance in clinics, shows and exhibitions in the UK and around the world. Google “The Bowen Man” and you get his website!

From a background of engineering and school teaching he also worked in spiritual healing and with reflexology, before discovering the thrilling world of Bowen Therapy in 1995. He became hooked on the NST interpretation of Tom Bowen’s work in 2002, and recently introduced this to the Glastonbury Festival. He has also practiced in Spain, Slovakia, Canada and New Zealand, and in Bosnia he worked with the Healing Hands Network to assist war victims.

Having given workshops on ‘The World of Bowen’ for the past eight years, he is currently offering the NST Introductory Course (‘Core Balance Bodywork’) in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Greece.

Based in Malvern, Worcestershire, he encourages self-responsibility and prefers not to see a client’s face too many times!    tim@thebowenman.co.uk    www.thebowenman.co.uk

Articles by Tim Willcocks

  1. The Bowen Technique - Some Personal Experiences of What It Is, What It Does, and What It Doesn't

    Listed in bowen technique

    What therapist can claim to treat 13,000 patients a year - that is an average of about 50 per day - and find that 90 per cent of them require only 2-3 treatments in all? Wishful th...

  2. From Bonesetter to Bowen: Exploration of the Therapy Inspired by Tom Bowen

    Listed in bowen technique

    I claim that esoteric events brought me into contact with the Bowen world. Plunging in at the deep end, this complete novice to bodyworker was mesmerized by the stupendous depth and...

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