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Tessa Richter, of Anglo-German origin, lives in Switzerland where nature is an integral part of her life.  She has been a professional classical musician, a composer, a painter and sculptor, a music and language teacher and a career and personal coach.  What is even more extraordinary, is that she has been a top performer in each of these areas.  She is currently a career coach for high-level business people, including CEOs, who are seeking help at a pivotal time in their careers. Tessa is a regular speaker on performance and well-being at corporate events and health symposia. Please contact Tessa via https://www.oursecretpotential.com  

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  1. Our Secret Potential

    Listed in personal growth

    I've always been fascinated by what humans can accomplish and intrigued by what we term miracles. I remember, as a teenager, wondering how one could possibly compose such wonderful ...

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