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Suzanne Edgington CNM (Dip) LCMDip AOSM Dip BSYA.(Ad Arom) LCMIH LSSM(Dip) CSTI CSTII SERI SERII CTLLS is a Naturopathic Consultant and Holistic Body Work Therapist. Established since 1996. Born in London she practises in Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties. She trained in London with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, the London College of Massage, The Upledger Institute and The Counselling Foundation. Her practice specializes in emotional support with tailored physical treatments. As well as her private practice she has a corporate business which takes hands on body work and complementary therapies into the workplace and she continues to work with various organisations giving lectures and talks. Her passion extends to running the Death Café in Bedford. Suzanne may be contacted on Tel: 01234 870 236; suzyedge@btinternet.com      www.suzanneedgington.co.uk

Articles by Suzanne Edgington

  1. A Thank You To My Teachers, My Clients

    Listed in naturopathy

    You learn the basics of your therapy or craft and how to be safe from the courses you take, but the real learning comes through practice and experience; it is my belief that the gre...

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