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Suzannah Robin is the Sales and Training Director at AlcoDigital Limited which is the sole distributor for Ketoscan Mini and Ketoscan Lite in the UK. AlcoDigital provides professional training to businesses on site and via Zoom and assists with the implementation of effective and robust drug and alcohol programmes and policies. In September 2019, AlcoDigital launched the world’s first cartridge-based ketone analyser to the UK market – the Ketoscan Mini. Ideal for optimising diet and exercise plans, the handy fat burning monitoring device measures ketones in breath to provide a highly accurate real-time reading which indicates the ketosis state of the body and the speed it is burning fat. In 2021, it added the compact Ketoscan Lite to its product range. For further information about AlcoDigital, please visit www.alcodigital.co.uk or contact the team on Tel: 020 8454 7372. Suzannah Robin may be contacted via https://alcodigital.co.uk/company/   www.ketoscanmini.co.uk  

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  1. Five Must-Know Tips Before Starting the Keto Diet

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    The ketogenic diet continues to dominate the diet world. Google’s latest trends data shows it’s once again the top-searched diet, with over 25.4 million searches in 2020 alone.[1] (...

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