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Susanna Scouller has been a teacher of the Alexander Technique since taking up lessons after a diagnosis of mild MS in 1994. The Alexander Technique is a well-known tool for actors and musicians to help aid performance; however it can be beneficial to anyone of any profession. Notoriously difficult to explain and a form of complementary health, the technique is a learnt skill that works at encouraging the body to return to its natural poise, whilst eradicating unnecessary tension caused by modern living. Susanna is based at the Pimlico Centre in London; the only shop-fronted premises solely used for the purpose of teaching the Alexander Technique. Susanna may be contacted via susannascouller@btinternet.com  www.alexanderprinciple.co.uk

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  1. Alexander Technique for Renewal of Physical and Emotional Health

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    The Alexander Technique (AT) is a skill to be learned as opposed to a treatment or a form of exercise. So you find, as you do with anything you learn, that you discover a lot about ...

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