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  1. A Balanced Life

    by Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

    Regular contributor Dorothy Rowe describes her experience of the Alexander Technique, having received her first Alexander lesson from her friend, Jeannie MacLean, an experienced te...

  2. Alexander Self-Help

    by Nicholas Brockbank

    FM Alexander, who developed the Alexander Technique, was self-taught and, although it is easier to learn the technique with a teacher, there are self-help steps that can be taken t...

  3. Alexander Technique and Swimming

    by Steven Shaw

    From my lessons in the Alexander Technique I learned that the biggest obstacle to change is that habitual patterns of behaviour normally feel right to us and changing them often fe...

  4. Alexander Technique for Renewal of Physical and Emotional Health

    by Susanna Scouller

    The Alexander Technique (AT) is a skill to be learned as opposed to a treatment or a form of exercise. So you find, as you do with anything you learn, that you discover a lot about ...

  5. Alexander Technique Teacher Training

    by Jonathan Dean MSTAT

    "How long does it take to become an Alexander teacher?" is a question people often ask, and when I reply that it's a three-year, full-time training, it usually meets with some degr...

  6. Arm Rest

    by Joel Carbonnel

    The attainment of uprightness was a decisive factor in the evolution of the hominids, the family to which we belong. Walking upright freed the hands and the arms from their former ...

  7. Morphology and the Alexander Technique

    by Joel Carbonnel

    In Body Awareness, F Pierce Jones remarks that "...use determines functioning" might be considered "Alexander's law". The problem with the law thus stated is that it is incomplete ...

  8. The Alexander Technique

    by Lucy Grant

    In this article I would like to go over the main themes that form the foundation of the Alexander Technique, and explain them to you in a way that I hope will make them clear, and ...

  9. The Alexander Technique: Indispensable for Optimum Health

    by Annie Kaszina with Madelene Webb

    If you were given the option of acquiring an indispensable strategy for optimum health, what would stop you from doing so? ..."You can have anything you want in life, but you do ha...

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