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After taking up Yoga in 1989, Sue Shattock met Dottie Hook who introduced her to the Aura-Soma colour healing oils and their creator Vicky Wall. She trained with both Vicky Wall and Mike Booth in Lincolnshire and has now been working with the oils for over eleven years and is a fully qualified Aura-Soma teacher and practitioner. In her association with Dottie, she has been taught many different aspects of self-healing. She practises Aura-Soma at the Hale clinic in London, is a registered practitioner of the metamorphic technique and a supporter and helper for the charity 'New Approaches to Cancer'. Sue Shattock can be contacted on tel: 07774 681557 or at the Hale Clinic on 0207 631 0156.

Articles by Sue Shattock

  1. Colour Boosting for Cancer Patients

    Listed in light and colour

    In this article, the author, an Aura-Soma and metamorphic technique practitioner who has trained in many different forms of self-healing, focuses on the energy-boosting properties o...

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