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Sue Pembrey was a nurse in the NHS for 33 years. She devoted the last 16 years to the development of nursing practise in Oxfordshire. She was Foundation Director of the Institute of Nursing for practise development and research. She retired in 1994, but continues to do a weekly family planning clinic, mainly for students, which she loves. Sue discovered a breast cancer two weeks after retirement. That experience and subsequent treatment, for both orthodox and complementary medicine, have led her more deeply into women's health and healing. She provides Mistletoe Workshops – small groups for women – on natural choices in reproductive health. Tel: 01865 514988.

Articles by Sue Pembrey

  1. Holistic Treatment of Breast Cancer: My Personal Story

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    Four years ago I found a breast lump. As I put my finger on it I felt both fear and panic – my heart raced and I felt sick – but also, more deeply I felt calm, even ex...

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