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Simon King B.App.Sc.(Chiro) DIBAK is a Chiropractor who based in Australia. In his book Live Without Pain: A New Theory on What's Wrong With You and How to Fix It, Simon explains how necklaces, rings, watches, piercings, and dental work may be disrupting your sensory nervous system and muscle reflexes-whether you can feel anything happening or not! Based on a little-known and widely neglected body-control system called 'Proprioception', Live Without Pain outlines exactly how this works, why it often doesn't work and how you can fix it without drugs, surgery or exercises. It offers individuals and health practitioners alike simple solutions that can quickly resolve even long-term health issues. Simon may be contacted via info@tweaks.org.au  www.live-without-pain.com

Articles by Simon King

  1. Reflex Reactions - Our Body's Rapid Defence Mechanism

    Listed in chiropractic

    This article draws our attention away from consideration of such things as immune system functioning, genetics, nutrition, and the effects of stress, inviting us to think about the ...

  2. Proprioception - Our Body Position Sense

    Listed in chiropractic

    In medical schools and textbooks, proprioception is defined as body position sense - the ability to know where our body is at all times. The ultimate purpose of proprioception is to...

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