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  1. Chiropractic

    by Dr Carl Irwin

    Chiropractic arose as a separate profession to that of medicine in the United States in the 1890s. In this era of heroic medicine many alternative disciplines emerged, chiropractic...

  2. Chiropractic From the Feet Up – How Your Feet Impact Your Whole Body

    by Dr Brent Wells DC

    Your feet are the cornerstone of your entire body. They support you all day, every day, and take quite a beating while doing so! Our feet are a part of our body that rarely gets the...

  3. Chiropractic Treatment Offers More Benefits than what Catches the Eyes

    by Simon Morris

    Bonus and incentives are common marketing techniques to attract customers, and chiropractors offer the same to their patients. No, they do not offer any monetary benefits to patient...

  4. Ishta Spinal Touch - Core Alignment

    by Sue Weller and Allyn Edwards

    This article focuses on the Ishta Spinal Touch – Core Alignment method used to assess the level of postural distortion in the spine, pelvis and other parts of the body, and how thi...

  5. McTimoney Chiropractic

    by Dr Christina Cunliffe

    As the largest healthcare profession in the world after medicine and dentistry, and in the light of the new legislation regulating its practice in the UK, chiropractic is fast beco...

  6. McTimoney Chiropractic

    by Susan Cartlidge

    McTimoney chiropractic is a particular branch of the profession in the UK which developed for some years outside of the apparent mainstream, so to speak. There are over 300 McTimon...

  7. Proprioception - Our Body Position Sense

    by Simon King

    In medical schools and textbooks, proprioception is defined as 'body position sense' - the ability to know where our body is at all times. The ultimate purpose of proprioception i...

  8. Reflex Reactions - Our Body's Rapid Defence Mechanism

    by Simon King

    This article draws our attention away from consideration of such things as immune system functioning, genetics, nutrition, and the effects of stress, inviting us to think about the...

  9. Special Handling: Benefits of Chiropractic Manipulation

    by Jeffrey Dane

    Those who benefit from chiropractic manipulation, particularly senior citizens, are well aware of its advantages, and they live more physically comfortable lives because of them.

  10. Things You May Want to Know about Hiatal Hernia

    by Simon Morris

    Hiatal hernia is a medical condition that can happen to anyone, regardless of age and gender. However, it can be common among people aged 50 or more. Obese and smokers can also be s...

  11. Using Hyaluronic Acid for Knee Pain

    by Dr Brent Wells DC

    Painful, swollen knees that barely bend? We can help! Issues in the knees can affect anyone - old or young. Depending upon the severity, knee problems can impact almost every aspec...

  12. What Is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

    by Dr Brent Wells DC

    Understanding what massage therapy refers to will depend somewhat on what part of the world in which you are discussing care. The concept of promoting wellness in the body through m...

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