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What Is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

by Dr Brent Wells DC(more info)

listed in chiropractic, originally published in issue 277 - March 2022


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Understanding what massage therapy refers to will depend somewhat on what part of the world in which you are discussing care. The concept of promoting wellness in the body through massage is not at all a new concept. However, modern knowledge of the body continues to offer a wider and wider base for this to happen effectively.

Massage therapies have not always been held close to traditional Western medicine practices. Yet, this has begun to change as patients have begun to recognize the impact that massage has for promoting health in the body. The spine and central nervous system are the focus of chiropractic massage therapy treatments. Chiropractic massage works in a very broad scope to foster healing throughout the body.


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How Does Chiropractic Massage Therapy Work?

Goals include helping the body to maintain – or create and maintain – an environment of genuine health throughout all of its portions. The central nervous system is the body’s internal communication system. In order to function properly, it needs to be cared for gently and with the individual pieces in mind with each medical action. Chiropractic massage works to ‘coax’ and remind these tiny and finite portions of the human body how to do their intended jobs in a kind and effective manner.

Humans are not built to be stationary. When you move and work to complete the activities that life brings to you, you cause activity in the muscles, joints, and inner mechanisms of the body. This causes a natural bit of ‘wear and tear’ as you work to complete normal daily tasks.

Not to say that you will fall apart as quickly as some modern tech devices. Yet, you should expect the need to maintain the portions of you that make the rest of your body’s ability to function with efficiency. If you wish to ask your body to function in a pain-free manner, then you need to care for all of the small bits that work to keep you moving.

You would not expect a vehicle to operate for very long if you did not take the time to check the tires and gas tank once in a while. If something needs attention, you attend to the needs of the vehicle. Regular maintenance helps us to avoid having to call a tow truck. It’s the same with your body.

You will do well to offer a kind hand of chiropractic care to ensure that your body is ready for whatever distress life may bring your way. If something feels in need of repair, you can tend to that as well through chiropractic care and chiropractic massage therapy treatments.

Chiropractic Massage Therapy Is Not Just for Pain

Massage is known to be a relaxing activity with which to engage. Medical care is often thought to be something to consider if you have an immediate condition that needs attention. So, is there a benefit for those who are not currently experiencing pain? Definitely!

Chiropractic works to prevent pain before it has a just cause for existing. Due to the wonderfully holistic nature of chiropractic care, the added benefits of chiropractic massage become a favoured tool for many individuals seeking to maximize their body’s ability to stay well. Fostering health and wellness throughout the body as a whole is the epitome of what chiropractic is designed to achieve!

If you are in need of the best-rated chiropractor in Anchorage, Alaska, be sure to visit us and inquire. We will develop a chiropractic massage therapy treatment plan to help with your exact condition and to discuss what options may be available for your health needs.

How Are Chiropractic Massage and Massage Therapy Different?




The term massage often causes the mind to think of candles, warm towels, and quiet music. Massage therapy can do wonders after a day full of stress or physical adventure. Muscles love the attention for sure!

Chiropractic massage offers this combined with medical care for the spine and body as a unit. It seeks to bring healing naturally into the body in a manner that provides intricate care for the smallest portions of us that make us human. It is not only designed to bring us health but to promote continued health by working with the secret tunnels of communication entwined within the body.

Chiropractic care woven into massage therapy offers the ability to realign vertebrae, treat discs, focus on low back pain and other joint ailments while working through muscles. Chiropractic massage also works to bring toxins from the soft tissues of the body in a manner that helps the body to process and remove them efficiently. The body is reminded of its own ability to be well.

As modern medicine continues to develop, these two styles of care have begun to meld together such that patients are often not exactly sure what may be different. Massage therapy and chiropractic massage therapy have taken their place in the modern medical spectrum. Here is a brief synopsis of what may be encountered when looking at massage therapy and chiropractic massage therapy.

Massage therapy focuses on muscular conditions and alleviating tension, restore flexibility, and increase comfort in the body. It is often coupled with physical therapy techniques and may be used to help recover from injury. Massage therapy holds the traditional concept of bringing relaxation to the body through gentle pushes to the muscles and mechanisms in the body. Massage therapy is sometimes thought more in line with bringing peace into the body for the purpose of calming the mind as well.

Chiropractic massage therapy focuses on the spine and its relationship to nerves, muscles, and joints in the body. Treatments may localize individual nerve areas that need attention. Care may also be given to promote healing in the body by providing chiropractic massage to multiple areas related to spinal health.

Chiropractic massage lends very well in promoting a general sense of health in the body. It works to train the body to help keep itself well in spite of all that we choose to throw at it in our daily activities. Chiropractic massage therapy works to consider the immediate medical needs of a client, as well as prevent future pain conditions from developing. 

Read here: If you are interested in exploring the difference between spa and chiropractic massage.

Who Can Administer a Chiropractic Massage?

A chiropractic massage therapist combines chiropractic care techniques with massage therapy to foster healing within the hidden portions of the body. A doctorate of chiropractic care is obtained providing knowledge of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. Licensure is administered by each state.

This knowledge is then applied directly to the care techniques that are utilized to promote healing from injury, ailments, and degenerative conditions in the body. When a professional chiropractic massage is sought, chiropractic adjustments, physical rehabilitation, and spinal decompression steps can be included to increase the effectiveness of care. Care can be specialized to include joint care, nervous system care, and treatments that may help to prevent pain and future injury.

It is true that the techniques of massage therapy have not been officially brought into standardized medical care. However, chiropractic care requires medical training and licensing prior to the admission of care. This is because many of the techniques and practices used in chiropractic care require advanced training and medical knowledge.

What Equipment Might Be Used in Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Chiropractic massage therapy allows for medical treatments to be applied in combination with the massage session. Talk about added health benefits! A time-saver, too! Receive multiple types of care in one treatment session? Sure, no problem! That is exactly what chiropractic massage therapy is equipped and designed to accomplish: treat the body as a whole unit – one unified creature waiting to absorb health and wellness.

Equipment may Include:

  • Chiropractic massage chair or table
  • Spinal decompression machine

Massage Techniques that may be Utilized:

  • Gliding
  • Kneading muscles
  • Hand pressure

Chiropractic Care Techniques that may be Added:

  • Spinal and joint manipulation
  • Physical movement
  • Spinal decompression
  • Patient education
  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Other techniques as fitting to a patient’s request or condition

Prior to Chiropractic Massage Therapy

A complete physical assessment will be made prior to chiropractic massage therapy treatments. This is still considered a medical activity. Therefore, the chiropractic massage therapist will need to gain knowledge of your spinal health and physical matters that may relate to care that may be given.

Be sure to drink plenty of water prior to receiving care as this will help your body flush out toxins and minimize soreness that may occur. Side effects do exist and are usually limited to muscles or joint soreness as a result of working through conditions in the body. Seek a chiropractic care provider that welcomes you to discuss care and the effects of your time with them.

A Back Massage Designed to Relieve Pain Symptoms?

Back pain sufferers are in an ideal position to find the maximum benefits that can be made available through chiropractic massage therapy treatments. Care plans can be developed to minimize and treat pain. The goal remains for eliminating the source of pain in the body. Symptoms of pain are thus diminished as the cause of the pain begins to deteriorate.

Chiropractic massage therapy is an incredibly effective addition to back pain treatment care plans. The massage therapist can focus on muscle groups that may need specialized attention. Work can be done to alleviate the underlying cause of pain by directly caring for the spine or joints as applicable to a patient’s needs.

Back pain patients add to their healing by allowing these two care methods to be combined for increased results. Spinal alignment is key for diminishing back pain. Why not mix it with some healthy muscle love too!

If you suffer from lumbago, chiropractic massage is one of the best healing methods. What is lumbago? This is a condition that strikes the lower part of the spine causing pain, many times due to an injury of some sort.

What Relationship Do Chiropractic Adjustments Have with Massage Therapy Methods?

Chiropractic massage after a chiropractic adjustment is a favourite of many clients. Established facilities may offer them together anyway. Be sure to inquire about what may be available when seeking a chiropractic care provider. Options will vary based on the chiropractic care facility that a patient chooses.

Chiropractic adjustments help to promote regular and natural communications in the nervous system. The musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems love to have attention focused on them in a way that fosters their abilities to do their jobs for the body. Massage therapy works to further promote the work done for the body by chiropractic adjustment. 

Benefits of a Chiropractic Massage

The benefits of chiropractic massage are not limited to what may be seen and understood with words. It is wonderful to find that clients feel well and that their bodies are gaining what is needed to heal naturally. Imagine the traditionally understood benefits of massage intermixed with direct care to the spine that works to eliminate existing pain and prevent new pain in the body.

  • Pain relief, prevention of pain
  • Care for muscles and their relationship to the spine
  • Restoration of spinal alignment
  • Restoration of the central nervous system
  • Relaxation, rest, a general sense of wellness
  • Increased effectiveness when intermixed with other treatments
  • Often be covered by insurance

One benefit of chiropractic massage therapy that is often not realized is that because it is considered a medical activity, insurance may provide coverage. Insurance companies love preventing conditions that they have to pay to fix. That is chiropractic care’s primary focus, eliminating and preventing pain conditions in the body. Be sure to inquire if your condition may be covered for chiropractic massage therapy or other chiropractic treatments. A quick tip: Read here if you need to find the best massage therapy in Juneau, Alaska.

What Conditions Might Be Treated by Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Chiropractic massage therapy may be used to treat a myriad of ailments, injuries, and degenerative conditions. The option to combine treatment styles gives clients an incredibly long list of conditions to treat. Chances are if you are asking the question, you have a condition that may be helped by chiropractic massage therapy.

A few common conditions include: arthritis, back pain, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc problems, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, pain during pregnancy, pinched nerves, scoliosis, sciatica, shoulder pain, spondylosis, strains, sprains, stenosis, subluxations, tendonitis, and whiplash.

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