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Shama (Sara) Palmer is a certified Yoga Therapist, practising in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas, and in Stratford upon Avon and London, UK. She researches, writes and teaches workshops on yoga therapy and yoga for healing. A lifelong experience in the healing arts and a dedication to yoga inspire her work. A special sphere of interest is the deeper healing of the mental-emotional body in 21st century mankind through the application of the ancient teachings and practices of yoga. For information on workshops and private sessions please email Shama at sarashama108@gmail.com     www.loveyogahealing.com

Articles by Shama (Sara) Palmer

  1. Dyspepsia and Yoga Therapy

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    Dyspepsia is a medical condition that an NHS survey has reported affects about 40% of the adult UK population. It is characterized by recurrent pain in the upper abdomen, heartburn,...

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