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SensorGel® is the product collection of SensorPEDIC®, a luxury sleep brand known for having the “coolest memory foam in the world,” exclusively available at Macy’s. SensorGel® pillows, mattresses, toppers, and accessories feature the latest sleep and cooling technologies with unique designs to provide the most restorative sleep experience possible.

The name SensorGel® comes from the combination of SensorPEDIC® and the gel-infused memory foam found in all SensorGel® memory foam products. This proprietary gel-infused memory foam formulation with gel microbeads provides enhanced temperature regulation, comfort, and durability to your products as described at https://sensorgel.com/

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  1. Science-Backed Tips for the Perfect Nap

    Listed in sleep and insomnia

    Although nothing can wholly compensate for a full night’s sleep, napping during the day has been shown to reduce some side effects of sleep deprivation, as well as provide benefits ...

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