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Saqib Rashid BSc MSc DHM (BIH), Director of Homeovitality Company Ltd, is a fully qualified and experienced Homeopath with a BSc degree and MSc degree in physics. He achieved his postgraduate diploma in Homeopathic medicine (DHM), from the British Institute of Homeopathy, Egham, Surrey. His passion is to treat his patients holistically under the strict guidelines of homeopathic practice. His special interest in homeopathy is to treat children who are suffering with problem like Autism (ASD), Asperger's syndrome ADHD, dyslexia, issues of retarded growth and people with medically unexplained symptoms or illnesses, and those who did not achieve great results from other forms of treatment. Saqib currently runs a successful homeopathic practice at Mind Body Clinic in Wandsworth, South West of London and may be contacted via Mob: 07897 438436;  saqib@mindbodyclinic.co.uk  saqib@homeovitality.com    www.homeovitality.com

Dr Pascal Mensah, currently Medical Scientific Manager at Labo'Life España S.A.- Majorca, graduated in Family Medicine in 1997. After practising medicine as a general practitioner and understanding how difficult it was to treat patients suffering from chronicle diseases, he focused his thinking on the immune system. He discovered that it could be a key point to all chronicle diseases. Then, he concluded that it was necessary to better understand the different immune pathways involved in diseases. He also pointed out another question.: How to modulate the immune system ? To answer to this question, Pascal Mensah passed diplomas in Herbal Medicine and Micro-Nutrition . Finally, he found solutions within the new concept of Micro-Immunotherapy.  Today he works as a teacher to train other doctors in the field of immuno-modulation . Furthermore, as the Scientific Director of the 1st International Congress Of Micro-Immunotherapy- Palma 2017 he is in charge of gathering scientists and clinical staff from around the world in order to organize the first international congress of micro-immunotherapy to be held in Palma of Mallorca ( Balearic Islands ) in May 2017. Dr Mensah may be contacted via pascal.mensah@icomi2017.org    www.labolife.info/infoMI.php?ln=en


Articles by Saqib Rashid and Dr Pascal Mensah

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    Listed in immune function

    Micro-immunotherapy is an innovative unique healthcare approach which uses molecules specific to the immune system to regulate immune responses, in order to optimize its function an...

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