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Sandra Lake, after working as a Biomedical Scientist in Haematology for many years and witnessing first-hand the changes taking place in the health care system, decided it was time for a change of career. She embarked on a personal training diploma where she found a good balance between my medical knowledge and knowledge needed for the fitness industry - they went hand-in-hand. Sandra helps people to integrate physical activity into their lifestyle to help reduce medication dependency, maintain independence and improve quality of life for the older adult. Working with people will better help them understand how to manage and work with their condition to improve overall, health, wellness and fitness. At her company LIFE she looks at specific goals then help people achieve them. Sandra may be contacted on  Tel: 07542 136747; Sandra@life1on1.co.uk    www.life1on1.co.uk

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  1. Scientist turned Personal Trainer Combines Medical Knowledge with Exercise for Patient Fitness

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    WITH more GPs urging patients with chronic illness to help their symptoms via exercise, a biomedical scientist turned personal trainer is advising on the best way to exercise while ...

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