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Sandie Maylor BA (Hons) GQHP  DHP  DHA Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypno Analyst, trained at the Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnosis which offers instruction utilising the methods of the highly respected Hypnotherapist Terence Watts, whose publication: Warriors, Settlers, Nomads is used globally as a seminal text in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has been a qualified therapist for more than ten years.

As a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Hypnoanalyst she uses Hypnosis as an effective tool to conduct the necessary analysis and subsequent treatment, that enables individuals to facilitate a more enjoyable daily and future life. Using Psychotherapeutic techniques while under Hypnosis she offers effective, tangible results.

She works to a strict code of ethics, the terms of which stipulate ongoing training, which ensures that she practices the very latest techniques and therefore can offer the very best treatment available in the field of Hypnotherapy. She may be contacted via sandie_maylor@yahoo.co.uk   https://www.sandiemaylor.co.uk

Articles by Sandie Maylor

  1. Anxiety Symptoms and Causes; How Hypnotherapy can Help

    Listed in anxiety

    In the current climate it’s safe to say that we’ve all had an anxious moment, but severe or prolonged Anxiety is affecting ever-increasing numbers in the UK. Even before the Covid-1...

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