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  1. Anxiety

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Like the majority of my patients, Lisa came to me because she had found that her doctors could not help her any further with her problems. Her story began the previous year when sh...

  2. Anxiety

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Anxiety afflicts us at all times. It is part of normal life, a natural sequel to caring and responsibility. Usually, we can overcome our anxieties and continue with our lives undau...

  3. Anxiety Symptoms and Causes; How Hypnotherapy can Help

    by Sandie Maylor

    In the current climate it’s safe to say that we’ve all had an anxious moment, but severe or prolonged Anxiety is affecting ever-increasing numbers in the UK. Even before the Covid-1...

  4. Anxious Times – Evolution And Threat

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    It seems fair to characterise contemporary life by rapid change and high uncertainty that result in stress (the WHO refers to an epidemic) and ineffective action. Much threat is of...

  5. Approaches to Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    It’s natural to feel anxious at times, but this does not necessarily indicate an anxiety disorder. Panic attacks are a common symptom of anxiety. However, it is not unusual for some...

  6. Are you Suffering from High-Functioning Anxiety

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    Anxiety and stress can affect us all in different ways - in some cases it can even begin to affect our personal life or harm productivity at work. Prevention of anxiety essentially...

  7. Common Patterns of Anxiety - How to Spot and Approach Them

    by Dr Rachel M Allan

    We know that anxiety is an interaction between thoughts, emotions, physical responses and behavior. We know that anxiety is natural and has a crucial function of keeping us safe. We...

  8. COVID-19 Anxiety Syndrome Scale

    by Zoë Harcombe PhD

    In September, I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Professor Marcantonio Spada. He and a fellow researcher, Ana Nikčević, have been researching people’s reaction to COVID-19 s...

  9. Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, anxiety disorders affect about one in 10 people in the UK. Here, Professor of Psychiatry at Southampton University, David Baldwin, r...

  10. Helping Business Professionals with Remote Leadership Anxieties

    by Kate Montague

    It’s a difficult time to be navigating the complex world of business. Whilst adapting to new ways of working remotely, a practice which looks to become the new norm, professionals a...

  11. How Expressive Writing Can Improve Your Mental Health

    by Nicole Garrison

    Self-expression, no matter what form it may take, is liberating. It takes us away from the demands and stressors of our daily grinds and moves us into a more positive mental state. ...

  12. How to Make Anxiety Your Best Ally

    by Christopher Paul Jones

    In this article Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones talks about how anxiety doesn't have to be the enemy, and if reframed in a more positive way it can actually become yo...

  13. How to Stop Anxiety Spoiling Your Life

    by Caroline Carr

    Caroline Carr is a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. She writes in a hugely practical and pragmatic way, stating that not only is anxiety fine in small doses; in fact, we all need t...

  14. Managing Your Anxiety At Work

    by Eula Skiles

    Anxiety is everywhere. No matter who you are, or where you are, anxiety can affect anyone. This is especially true at work. While avoiding anxiety at work isn’t feasible, you can st...

  15. Massage in Schools to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    by Solveig Berggren

    Soveig Berggren looks at how massage can be used in schools to relax and centre children. She started her first project in 1996 with a class of 10-year-olds in a school in southern...

  16. Meditation and Stress Coping using Kabbalistic Techniques and Techniques for Releasing Anxiety

    by Marcus Weston

    This article focuses on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and how it can be applied in our lives to help us cope with various situations such as stress.

  17. Overcome the Fear of Flying -

    by Mike Roth

    What are the root causes of the fear of flying that presents itself in some people but not others. In this section we consider whether it is a phobia or a rational fear. Then we tak...

  18. Overcoming Anxiety, Building Confidence in Public Speaking

    by Ian Price

    Public speaking used to be the province of a few, but now we can expect to find ourselves in situations of having to speak to an audience: even job interviews now often require u...

  19. Pharmaceutical Quality Lavender Oil Significantly Improves Anxiety Induced Insomnia

    by Kalms

    Pharmaceutical quality lavender oil has a significant anxiolytic (anxiety relieving) effect and improves insomnia when taken orally as a daily capsule, new data shows.[1]

  20. The Chill Pill For Anxiety

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Anxiety is as old as the hills – a part of life too. Excess, or long-term, anxiety is a contributory factor for several disorders – nay a direct cause of illness. It, likewise, alb...

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