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The author is a 48 year-old Ghanaian male freelance writer based in Accra, the capital city of the Republic of Ghana in West Africa. Married with children, his hobbies include writing, cooking, gardening, playing the piano, watching the sea, listening to the BBC World Service on radio, reading novels and watching crime and detective films. His sporting interests are boxing, judo and table tennis. On the side, he operates a small restaurant in town. He can be contacted on sammrichardson@yahoo.com

Articles by Samm Kweku Richardson

  1. Benefits of Fresh Juices

    Listed in organic food

    Fruit juices stir up and flush out accumulated toxins. Their concentrated natural sugars bring about vital energy and speed up the eliminative process. Vegetable juices provide the ...

  2. 12 Exercises for Strength and Grace

    Listed in bodywork

    The author tells us that a healthy body is one that is well nourished in all areas through its regular use. The author recommends exercises to keep the body healthy and happy and go...

  3. Eat Correctly and Live Long

    Listed in ageing

    This article focuses on why, how and what we should eat correctly, to live a long and healthy life. In order to enjoy the pleasures and profits which are possible in health, one mu...

  4. Bathing for Radiant Health

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    The author provides us with an account of the reasons why bathing is important, and the benefits. Then he gives us basic rules for bathing, then a set of detailed instructions, base...

  5. Using Water as Medicine

    Listed in water

    Water is both widely and cheaply available, it also is essential for life. Water is important in curing disease, basically because it is the blood that heals. Blood circulation can ...

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