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Rosie Manton, always a creative spirit, has had three guiding themes - Art, Music and Dance – and their power to enable individuals to become, and to express themselves, as they truly are. Rosie initially trained in the UK at the Laban Art of Movement Studio with Lisa Ullman, learning the basic principles of human movement and its expressive possibilities, particularly dance. Called back by the Laban Studio to train teachers to teach creative dance, Rosie then worked with movement and dance in the community for many years, working with every age from three to 93 year olds. During this period, she spent seven years with special needs adults and also spent time teaching liberal studies for art students. Later, she went on to run courses in Zurich with Laban’s grandson Claude Perrotet. She taught creative dance on International Summer Schools under the direction of Lisa Ullmann , and on Lisa’s death under Sam and Susi Thornton.

Rosie trained for four years as a psychospiritual therapist at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in UK, remaining, as she still does, to help train budding therapists in London and Stockholm. Rosie became a qualified leader in free dance - 5 Rhythms™- training with Gabrielle Roth in the United States and UK, running courses in UK, Stockholm, Gothenberg and Frankfurt. As a fully qualified leader of Holotropic Breathwork™ workshops, Rosie trained and certified in the United States and UK by the founder Dr Stanislav Grof. Rosie went on to expand her breadth of expertise in advanced bodywork training with Aneesha Dillon in Pulsation, a blend of Neo-Reichian and Chakra bodywork. For pleasure, Rosie paints and plays Sousaphone in a local jazz band in Southern Spain, where she lives with her husband Malise. She may be contacted via Penninghame House on Tel: 01671 401414; Fax: 01671 401410;  info@penninghame.org     www.penninghame.org

Articles by Rosie Manton

  1. The Penninghame Process - Deep Personal Growth and Self Awareness

    Listed in personal growth

    A group of courageous people arrive at a given location. They are challenged quite strongly and held in love. After six days they leave, still with their stories but with a profound...

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