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Robert D Dangoor has been writing aphorisms for over 37 years but he has now written 10 articles on the different aspects of human nature that we come across in every day life. All these can be viewed at  www.1liners.com.

Articles by Robert D Dangoor

  1. Walking to Work Through the Parks

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Since my nurse advised me to do more daily exercise, I have been walking to work from Kensington Gardens through Hyde Park, to Park Lane. I also return home through the parks; it is...

  2. You Wouldn't Be Normal if You Didn't React in an Abnormal Way!

    Listed in mind matters

    The author raises a somewhat profound question – what is normal? He clarifies that normal is different from what is usual, but that normality is unusual because you have to r...

  3. I'm Not Mad, Doctor, It's the Rest of the World

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    The article has examples of common sense sayings giving good advice for the everyday situations we may encounter. It will be your true friend who tells you the hard truths.

  4. Bipolar Disorder - My Personal Description

    Listed in depression

    In Professor Aaron Beck’s Forward to Professor Richard Bentall’s book Madness Explained, who teaches at Liverpool University, he states that “Incomprehensible symptoms of the mental...

Book reviews by Robert D Dangoor

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