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Philippa Brook lives in London and works in project management and accountancy, mainly in the creative industries. After quitting her last full time employment 2 years ago to escape the extreme work hard, play hard mentality of London, she took a break and went travelling for 4 months in Central America. She returned and spent the UK summer touring around the UK attending parties and festivals until she realized she was putting immense strain on her body; she endured a huge outbreak of psoriasis all over her body. She has lived with psoriasis since she was 17, and the only other time she has had an outbreak like this was back in her 1st and 2nd year at University. Fortunately through a conversation with a friend, she had the opportunity to visit Penninghame House which opened her eyes to a totally new world of food and its medicinal properties and possibilities. As much as she still enjoys going out, eating and drinking, she now realizes that for her body to be able to cope, she has to counter balance her love of a party with a healthy diet that puts the body under as little stress as possible. Philipa may be contacted via philippabrook@gmail.com

Articles by Philippa Brook

  1. Profound Effect of Macrobiotic Diet upon Psoriasis and Stress-Related Skin Conditions

    Listed in skincare

    This Case Study by Philippa Brook shows how following a macrobiotic diet can have dramatic effects on the body, both internally and externally.

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